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      Student V Gets into Yale, REA!

      Student VYale - Restrictive Early Action

      Division College

      GPA/Test Score 98/100

      Interests Communications

      Student V is an international student who wanted to attend top-ranked US universities. She started working with us during 11th grade, and completed our Candidacy Building, Academic Mentorship, and Application Counseling programs. Student V was accepted to Yale, Restrictive Early Action!

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      Student T Gets Accepted to UChicago, Early Decision!

      Student TUniversity of Chicago

      Division College

      GPA/Test Score 3.64/4.0

      Interests Law and policy

      Student T is from California. He signed up for an Academic Mentorship and our Application Counseling program and got into the University of Chicago, Early Decision!

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      Student S Gets Accepted to Penn’s M&T Program!

      Student SPenn M&T, Columbia

      Division College

      GPA/Test Score 95.58/100

      Interests Biomedical Engineering

      Student S was an Engineering applicant from New York who was interested in applying to top-ranked universities.

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      Student S Gets Accepted to Harvard Medical School!

      Student SHarvard Medical School,Columbia

      Division Medical

      GPA/Test Score 3.9/4.0

      Interests Human Development and Regenerative Biology

      Student S was a pre-med student who was interested in applying to top medical schools. By working with her to craft a compelling AMCAS application and secondary essays, we helped her achieve her medical school admissions goals!

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      Student W Gets Accepted to Dartmouth!

      Student WDartmouth - Early Decision

      Division College

      GPA/Test Score 4.287/4, weighted

      Interests Computer Programmer or Analyst

      Student W is an international student who signed up to work with us during the summer before his senior year. By participating in our Application Counseling and Academic Mentorship program, we helped Student W get into Dartmouth, Early Decision!

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      Student H Gets into Yale with 1160 SAT

      Student HStudent H, Yale, ‘19

      Division College

      GPA/Test Score 3.97/1160

      Interests Political Science

      Student H dreamed of going to Yale. His SAT scores were well below the Ivy League average, so getting accepted would be a long shot. However, by developing a unique application persona and memorable story, InGenius Prep helped Student H get accepted to his dream school—Yale!

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