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      Final Review

      Congratulations, you’ve worked hard to draft your college applications. Now, what if there was a way to have a Former Admissions Officer from a top-ranked school read your application and provide extensive feedback before you send it in?

      InGenius Prep’s one-of-a-kind Final Review service gets you custom feedback and edits on all parts of your application. So ask yourself, “Am I ready to click submit? Is there anything else I could make better?” If you hesitated, this program is for you.

      Our Program

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      Final Review

      Comprehensive evaluation and edits from a Former Admissions Officer

      Get Started
      Former Admissions Officer from Top College ?
      Review of Main Application (Common App, UC App, etc) Up to 1
      Personal Statement Analysis and Edits Up to 1
      Supplemental Essay Analysis and Edits Up to 3 schools
      Honors and Activities Analysis ?
      Letter of Recommendation Review ?
      Final Review Report: Custom Feedback on Quality,
      Completeness, Uniqueness, School Fit, Competitiveness